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09/05/17 02:12 PM #87    


Shelley Tork (Raker)

I wish I didn't live so far away!  If there is anything I can do to help from here, let me know. I am excited already about the 50th. I've become such an East coaster that returning to Southern California is like a different world. I can't wait to see all my fellow Mustangs!

09/06/17 09:43 AM #88    


Jan Nunez (Ritchie)

HEy there where on the east coast? I am above NYC by 3 hours....Jan


09/06/17 01:05 PM #89    


Kris Orbon (Villard)

Shelley is in Pennsylvania somewhere.......

01/12/22 04:15 PM #90    

John Bandaruk

For those that remember my brothers who also went to Costa Mesa high school , I am sorry to say that my brother Barry died this morning.

01/12/22 04:16 PM #91    

John Bandaruk

For those that remember my brothers who also went to Costa Mesa high school , I am sorry to say that my brother Barry died this morning.

01/13/22 04:59 AM #92    


David Sobolewski

John - Sorry to hear about Barry ! He and I didn't see eye to eye on a lot of issues but we always stayed civil in our responses to each other. I didn't even know he was having health issues until just recently, it all seemed to happen so fast. My heart goes out to you. RIP Barry -

01/13/22 05:54 AM #93    


Loyd White

Hi John.  Thank you for letting us know and I am thankful for your Brother Barry's life. I truly hope to see you  soon.

01/13/22 06:34 AM #94    

Art France





  John, I am sorry to hear about your loss.  I looked up to Barry.  He was a tough but straight forward guy who was always willing to teach me a little more about the game of football. 


Thanks for letting us know.  

Take care

Art France

01/13/22 08:34 AM #95    

Ron Brann

John so sorry about nv your brother , I lost my brother about 5 years ago. It's a shame that anyone would think it's important to mention that they didn't see eye to eye on things, but that's just away for them to make them feel they are still relevant

01/13/22 08:48 AM #96    

Kathy Yoak (Rees)

John, I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. I understand your grief as my brother John, who also graduated with us, just passed on Sunday. Prayed for you and your family as you deal with this. 

01/13/22 09:57 AM #97    


Molly Collins (Smouse)

John, I'm sorry to hear about Barry. During this time of grief, I hope I'm not out of line to interject a fun fact - Barry was my FIRST KISS! Also, I well remember riding home from the beach a couple of times sitting on the console of the convertible T-bird he drove. ~Fondly, Molly.

01/14/22 10:45 AM #98    

Fred Lewandowski

Sad to read of Barry’s passing. One day, on a whim, Barry, Randy Henkel, Joe Ramirez, me and our girlfriends decided to go bar hopping in Tijuana. None of us were 21 at the time. We had no fear. We had a blast. It was a super fun evening. Around the time of our 50th reunion I tried to find the group photo taken that day, but it is history. My sincere condolences to Barry’s entire family. 

04/23/23 08:00 AM #99    


Loyd White

Happy Birth Anniversary Andy Mihaylo


05/12/23 02:00 PM #100    

James Vile

I have some sad tidings to pass on. For those of you who recall Steve Malinowski he passed away suddenly on Tuesday 9 May. He was a good friend and bandmate. He will be missed.

Jim Vile


05/13/23 07:36 AM #101    


Loyd White

Thank you Jim Vile for updating the group about Steve Malinowski's passing.broken heart

05/13/23 08:36 AM #102    

Tom Long

Very saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Steve Malinowski. We were more post-high school friends, lived next to each other in CM in the mid-'70s, he even did the sound for my band when we opened for The Ramones at The Golden Bear. About 15 years ago he called out of the blue, he'd seen me on Detroit television, he had a new baby, wife and life and was visiting in-laws. We got together for lunch, he'd call other times when he was in town. My last sighting of an actual person I knew in high school. Great guy. And the dude could wear sunglasses.

05/13/23 03:10 PM #103    


Kenneth Snow

Although never close to Steve, he always had the "Mr. Cool" persona, especially with the sunglasses as Tom  mentioned above.  That's how I remember him up there with his band. In fact, the dance scene in Back to the Futire 1 with Michael J Fox playing the guitar would bring back those memories.  I hope life was good to Steve.  Perhaps others will chime in to add a few insights.

05/13/23 03:12 PM #104    

David Cunningham

So sad to hear about Steve's passing. We had some great times hanging out together. Remember the Bug Eye Sprite?  He will always be in my memories. Rest in peace Bro. Dave Cunningham

05/13/23 08:39 PM #105    

Art France


I haven't seen Steve in fifty years but I have very fond memories of him.  His house was always open to anyone that wanted to visit.    Steve, Don Farris, Marc Davis and I took a trip through Mexico for a month in 1970.  One of the great adventures of my life.  

I remember hearing his band play at a club up in Santa Ana.  In the middle of a song, he wandered over to the bar to get a drink with his horn in his hand.  At just the right moment as he was sitting at the bar, he played his trumpet  and then went back to hiis drink. That was  Steve .  A really warm guy who found his own groove in life  and an extremely talented musician.  I am sorry I lost touch with him and think about him at times. I'd always hoped the four of us travelers would meet somewhere for  a reunion but not to be.   I am very sad to hear of his passing.  

Art France


06/20/24 07:07 PM #106    

Lawrence Paul

Hi All, For those of you who sent me birthday greetings via this site, thank you. I was wrong to not keep current with this great communication tool. I'll try harder to respond and stay connected going forward. Feel free to reach out offline 415-424-5575. Thank You for your patience, Best, Larry Paul

06/21/24 09:34 AM #107    


Kenneth Snow

Missed the memo Larry.  Happy Birthday to you!!

06/23/24 04:56 PM #108    

Lawrence Paul

Hey Ken, Thanks! How are you my friend and how is your family doing up there in the Pacific Northwest?

07/03/24 09:47 AM #109    


Kenneth Snow

Hi there.  Just back from vacation.  Pretty much busy working with our 3 horses and trying to stay out of the heat roght now.  All is well and hope same with you!

07/04/24 11:35 AM #110    

Dana Rodet

I haven't scrolled the web site for awhile.  Always nice to read about my friends. Sad to read about those who have passed.  I'm not much for reunions plus I live too far away to want to brave California.  Besides, our 69 acres is heaven on earth.  Dana

07/04/24 12:59 PM #111    


Vicki Briscoe (Hutter)


we live on two acres of avocado trees in Ventura County. Do you grow anything on your property and where are you located?

Vicki Briscoe

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