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09/20/16 05:16 AM #74    


Mike Buford

And WHO is that Buford dude???

I think his Mom Molly slopped mashed 'taters and gravy to you younguns

at Mesa.

09/25/16 10:41 AM #75    

John Bowman

Justice, what justice are you all talking about? 

As one of the greatest philosophers of our time once stated: "The only justice in the halls of Justice is in the halls."  Lenny Bruce. 

Adjust your expectations accordingly. 

10/05/16 09:43 AM #76    


Donna Kendall (Coffey)

I would like to help with the 50th Long Beach so not far away from you. Let me know how I can help - thanks Donna






10/06/16 09:02 AM #77    


Steve King

I am also available to help on the 50th reunion-local as well

10/06/16 12:29 PM #78    

Zeke Oman

What about getting everybody to bring a photo series to the 50th reunion , for example, grammar school, high school, 40 and current? Wouldn't that be a HOOT! Or perhaps have them sent in and accumulated into a montage...might be too expensive? Just to have a good laugh at ourselves!

10/07/16 08:18 AM #79    


Kris Orbon (Villard)

At our 40th reunion, Randy said NO ONE was planning a 50th that true ??  I would love to help and be involved along with others....but someone must step up and take charge...who will that be ?

Jan Nunez (Ritchie) says she wants to help but she is in New York State.....I am in Tustin and am more than willing to do my part....someone just let me know.......

Kris  Orbon....English.....Villard

10/09/16 01:26 PM #80    

Rebeccca Final (Final)

Hi Mustangs - this is the first time I have actually posted here although I've lurked a little previously.  I think it was the 6th grade photos from Fairview that caught me this time.  I am top row, second from right.  I was surprised how many faces looked kind of familiar.  Although I was never really part of the "in crowd" at Mesa and had more friends in the class of '69, it is fun to read the names and try to put faces with them.  I'm sure NONE of us look the same.  

Rebecca (Becky) Final (went back to maiden name after divorce smiley)


10/10/16 02:55 AM #81    

Zeke Oman

Hi Becky! I do remember you from Fairview for sure. Those pics really got to me too. Looks like you're in the Redwoods from your picture? I was just there a month ago. Do you live "behind the "Redwood Curtain" as we Humboldt county-ites used to say? All the best, Zeke

10/11/16 12:27 PM #82    

John Bandaruk

Becky I also remember you  from way back then I'm glad these brought back such good memories.  I'll have to post class photos from 7th and 8th grades,

01/23/17 01:47 PM #83    

Cathy Belknap (Caston)

I realize not all of us lived in Newport Beach technically but there is a FB page entitled I grew up in Newport Beach BEFORE it was the OC ? Fun page !!!!!! And Newport Beach California page , lots of Beach photos !!!!!

08/31/17 11:47 AM #84    


Molly Collins (Smouse)

To our dear classmates Rusty, Marianne, and all of you who are local and helping with next year's reunion I send out a  BIG THANK YOU for keeping us somewhat connected.  I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it next year.  Of course, I DO peek at many of you on Facebook every now and again!  



09/03/17 09:01 AM #85    


David Sobolewski

Like Molly I want to thank all of you doing all the work organizing the big "50th" reunion. Suzi and I are still out playing around on our boat so I'm not around to shoulder my share of the work, sorry. We will be back home (Laguna Beach) in Nov. but in and out of there until Jan. so will touch base with Donna or Rusty and see what I can do.  Thanks again to all of you -  Can't wait for the party, and you all know how I like  a good party.

09/04/17 08:41 AM #86    


Jan Nunez (Ritchie)

Kris Orbon English Villard and I have talked about a  50 years class reunion for a long time. I am in upstate NY about 3 hours north of NYC. I am hoping for September so I can also attend my famioly reunion in Santa Barabara. I am on facebook Jewels Ritchie (Jan Nunez)   Jewels a nickname I acquired a while ago  and Ritchie my second marriage.  Not sure how to attach pictures here so if you want to se me and my family got o facebookK see you soon well 2018 for the 50th. Jan

09/05/17 02:12 PM #87    


Shelley Tork (Raker)

I wish I didn't live so far away!  If there is anything I can do to help from here, let me know. I am excited already about the 50th. I've become such an East coaster that returning to Southern California is like a different world. I can't wait to see all my fellow Mustangs!

09/06/17 09:43 AM #88    


Jan Nunez (Ritchie)

HEy there where on the east coast? I am above NYC by 3 hours....Jan


09/06/17 01:05 PM #89    


Kris Orbon (Villard)

Shelley is in Pennsylvania somewhere.......

01/12/22 04:15 PM #90    

John Bandaruk

For those that remember my brothers who also went to Costa Mesa high school , I am sorry to say that my brother Barry died this morning.

01/12/22 04:16 PM #91    

John Bandaruk

For those that remember my brothers who also went to Costa Mesa high school , I am sorry to say that my brother Barry died this morning.

01/13/22 04:59 AM #92    


David Sobolewski

John - Sorry to hear about Barry ! He and I didn't see eye to eye on a lot of issues but we always stayed civil in our responses to each other. I didn't even know he was having health issues until just recently, it all seemed to happen so fast. My heart goes out to you. RIP Barry -

01/13/22 05:54 AM #93    


Loyd White

Hi John.  Thank you for letting us know and I am thankful for your Brother Barry's life. I truly hope to see you  soon.

01/13/22 06:34 AM #94    

Art France





  John, I am sorry to hear about your loss.  I looked up to Barry.  He was a tough but straight forward guy who was always willing to teach me a little more about the game of football. 


Thanks for letting us know.  

Take care

Art France

01/13/22 08:34 AM #95    

Ron Brann

John so sorry about nv your brother , I lost my brother about 5 years ago. It's a shame that anyone would think it's important to mention that they didn't see eye to eye on things, but that's just away for them to make them feel they are still relevant

01/13/22 08:48 AM #96    

Kathy Yoak (Rees)

John, I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. I understand your grief as my brother John, who also graduated with us, just passed on Sunday. Prayed for you and your family as you deal with this. 

01/13/22 09:57 AM #97    


Molly Collins (Smouse)

John, I'm sorry to hear about Barry. During this time of grief, I hope I'm not out of line to interject a fun fact - Barry was my FIRST KISS! Also, I well remember riding home from the beach a couple of times sitting on the console of the convertible T-bird he drove. ~Fondly, Molly.

01/14/22 10:45 AM #98    

Fred Lewandowski

Sad to read of Barry’s passing. One day, on a whim, Barry, Randy Henkel, Joe Ramirez, me and our girlfriends decided to go bar hopping in Tijuana. None of us were 21 at the time. We had no fear. We had a blast. It was a super fun evening. Around the time of our 50th reunion I tried to find the group photo taken that day, but it is history. My sincere condolences to Barry’s entire family. 

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