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•   Zeke Oman  5/14
•   Shelley Tork (Raker)  5/13
•   James Vile  3/26
•   Rusty Lusk  10/26
•   Cathy Skalberg (Meuse)  7/25
•   Kathy Yoak (Rees)  1/13
•   Bob Ringstad  12/17
•   Linda Kennedy (Thompson)  9/14
•   Karen Kiester (Kiester)  3/28
•   Dana Ortlieb  12/30
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1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
3 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
66 live in California
3 live in Colorado
2 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
4 live in Idaho
1 lives in Kansas
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
4 live in Montana
4 live in Nevada
2 live in New York
7 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
5 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
3 live in Virginia
10 live in Washington
1 lives in United Kingdom
265 location unknown
35 are deceased


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Glad you're reading this and we're all hoping you're well.

We're all impacted by this world event associated with the CoVid-19 virus. Though we should all be practicing proper social distancing, it does not mean we have to become hermits. Try some of these ideas and if you have others, please send them to us all:

  • Call a friend or family member you've not talked to in too long. I hope we all have someone we know we need to talk to and haven't just fill in the excuse. Call them.
  • For those of us that can, get outside. We need our Vitamin A & D, and fresh air. Added perk -  we can say hi to those walking by and wave to the passing drivers. SMILE. 
    • If you can't get outside, park yourself near a window where the sun comes in. Look up bili baby. We placed our newborns near a window.
    • Again, wave to the passerbys. Yep - it's weird and heads up when social services show up.
  • Turn off the news, or if you must, limit it to a specific time block per day.
    • It seems it's the same stuff repeated over and over.
    • I recall my farmer grandpa would watch the farm report at noon daily. Otherwise, I dont recall him watching TV at all. Grandma watched her "soaps" like clockwork. Best be quiet or outside when the soaps were on. The rest of the day, she had her farm schedule which she let us help with.
  • Watch the Hallmark channel or uplifting moviies, listen to calming music (for us it's Praise Music).
  • Read a book. Read a great book. Read a book with a happy ending. 
  • Journal - focus on your blessings and good stuff. We have much to be grateful for.
    • The internet is up!
    • Water, electricity, and heat remain on.
    • Thank you to those keeping our supply chain full.
    • Thank you to the toilet paper manufacturers! (stop it Rusty!)

I hope to hear from you and I hope to hear you're making contact with others. We will get through this.



Lawrence Paul  6/6
George Pallo  6/7
Art France  6/18
James Vile  6/25