This Space for Reunion Slide Show Nov. 1/08

Web browser enter :


   And when it Finally  comes up,     on the space for name enter:                   public

                                                               on the space for password enter:           reunion

                                                               on the far right of your screen,  you will see an arrow pointing downward:   

                                                                                                                                     click it 

                                   Now patience.    enjoy!  It is quite lovely and might tear you a bit or make you laugh.   I made some bad pics myself.

                            SEND YOUR LOVE AND JOY AND PROBLEMS WITH THE DOWNLOAD TO:  Rusty Lusk not to   Randy Henkle Ph.d of very little.

         I am only responsible with slapping and threatening to get the damn thing done. Leave the squirrely granpa alone long enough and damn, he really does a nice job.  So make sure you let him know how nice a job he did.  5 breakfasts of reviewing this with Liz yum and Rusty wanna kill him and voila!                     Golf pics will follow on its own page.:  hahahahahahahahahahah  someday!  global warming maybe first.