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Julie Anne Robinson

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06/04/09 09:57 AM #2    

Dana Rodet

Randy, I too was enthralled with Julie. We had a fleeting romance ourselves in my senior year. I took her to the senior prom at some boat or something in the bay. We took her dad's car at his insistance. While we were inside someone backed into it. Imagine my chagrine when we saw the damage. Her dad took it well, (at least until I left her house). We were going to go to the senior nite out at Disneyland but she ignored me so much at the prom that I canceled our date to Disneyland. She was not happy because she had just bought a new outfit. I ended up going with Shelly Tork. I don't know what happened with Julie that nite. She was a cutie and a flirt and I really liked her. But my ego just couldn't take being ignored. I would like to know what happened to her in Eugene in 1971. Dana Rodet

03/22/10 10:30 AM #3    

Shelley Tork (Raker)

I had no idea I was your second choice, Dana. haha. I loved Julie. She was more mature than most of us. Beneath all that beauty was a brilliant mind, and a sometimes unhappy, complicated person. She had so much potential; it is a shame we lost her so early. Rent the movie King of Marvin Gardens and see her in her big screen debut with Jack Nicholson and Ellen Burstyn.

11/17/10 09:24 AM #4    

Shelley Tork (Raker)

Dana, Julie died in a house fire. :-(

11/18/10 09:22 PM #5    

Don Farris

Julie was the first girl with whom I truly fell in love, and that was in 1960 at Fairview Elementary School. We were both in the 5th grade in Miss Yarnell's class; she was only 9 (having skipped a grade) and I was 10, but who cared? I had transferred mid-year from St. Anne's Catholic School and knew not that the students did not stand-up by their desks when called upon by the teacher to answer questions. So I would awkwardly stand when addressed. I remember to this day what Julie told me at recess: "We can sit in our desks and talk with our teacher; you won't get in trouble".

Julie knew about such things, and she knew her way around that playground and then around the larger contextual world that would encompass Davis Junior High and Mesa; and still later, that ambiguous space beyond school. Wisdom and Beauty and Vulnerability and Youth are a confusing and risky array of distinguishing characteristics for anyone; and yet, everyone wants a part of someone with those qualities. Julie had them all, and everyone wanted part of Julie. Her life and personality inspired and helped others. And even though her time was composed of less moments than we would all ask of her to give us, she left us with a kind of valediction that endures beyond her earthly confines.    


08/11/14 09:00 AM #6    

Kathy Prestridge (Mattaliano)

I don't know why the passing of Julia Anne Robinson ( this is how it is spelled in all the articles ) haunts me so . I guess it bothered me that there wasn't much written about her life or death . I found her birth date and death date . She was born on 4 Mar 1951 in Twin Falls , Idaho . Apparently after graduating from high school she was an artists model and also an aspiring actress. She appeared in at least three films ,two of which I have the titles for "Getting Straight " 1970 Starring Elliot Gould and Candace Bergan. Julia was listed as a college student (uncredited ). The second film has become a cult film and is called " The King of Marvin Gardens "1972. This film starred Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern , who played Julia's boyfriend in the movie. Ellen Burstyne played Julia's Step-Mother in the movie . I have finally found wonderful pictures of her , but didn't want to violate copy right laws. Also some articles have been written about her and the other actors which can be found on  the guardian / the observer web page and also an article written about the 4oth anniversary of The King of Marvin Gardens. The article is titled  Marvin Gardens and Woodstock : Lost Innocence  In the article it mentions how the director ( Bob Rafelson ) met Julia and why he thought she would be perfect for the role of Jessica in the movie Marvin Gardens . The article also covers the later years and the circumstances of her passing from an accidental house fire on 13 Apr 1975 in Eugene , Oregon .  A tragedy indeed ! Be at rest Julia.

08/11/14 09:39 AM #7    

Kathy Prestridge (Mattaliano)

I have found all of Julia's  movie pictures on Pinterest . Someone else has downloaded them to Pinterest . There is 10 photos posted .

08/12/14 07:42 PM #8    

Kenneth Hardeman

I knew Julie from 7th grade at Davis through her first couple years at Mesa. She was perhaps the most beautiful girl I ever knew, inside and out. I named my airplane "Miss Julie" after her. I heard about her death just two days after the fire and I was stunned. I was doing graduate work in Philadelphia and I remember thinking, this world will never be the same, and it never was. I think about her every day and I pray for her every day along with her sister Claire and the rest of her family. Go a little before me girl...I'll be with you streight


08/13/14 12:32 PM #9    

Richard Bartholomew

I suppose, like most of the guys at Mesa in 1965, I pretty much just admired Julie from afar, all the while absolutely certain I could never shoot that high.  As others here have observed, more than just being one of the prettiest human beings I’ve ever met, she exuded a sweetness and intelligence that was positively magnetic.

I recall walking the halls one day as a freshman with a friend of mine who will remain un-named (he left Mesa after our freshman year and went to another school).  The exterior hallways consisted of a simple overhang running the length of the building attached just above the classroom doors and extending over the walkway, supported at intervals by 3 inch square metal poles.  As we were walking along, Julie was walking the other way and my friend, never having seen her before, was turning his head so as to not lose sight of this newly discovered vision of loveliness, when he walked straight into one of the support poles (sound of loud gong followed by tweeting birds)!

I lost track of Julie after she left Mesa a few years later, and at some point after that heard that she had died, but I knew nothing of the circumstances until I read some of these posts this morning.  I also didn’t know that she had been in the movies.  I looked her up on Google (my best friend!) and came across the same article Kathy’s post mentioned about the movie The King of Marvin Gardens, which I had heard of but never seen.  The article, subtitled “Life imitates art:  The lost lady of Marvin Gardens” (, discussed the very dark themes of the movie, the “four ruthlessly memorable performances,” and the highly successful futures of three of the stars; Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern and Ellen Burstyn.  The article then turned to the fourth star, Julia Anne Robinson, wondering wistfully why she never went on to greater glory after such a powerful debut.  The author did some research and discovered the tragic reason Julia Anne Robinson had not been heard from since.  But reading the article, it was plain that the author had felt the same magnetic tug from Julie that the rest of us had felt years before.

I guess I have to watch the movie now.

08/14/14 06:24 PM #10    

Barry S. Kazmer

Those photos of Julie and more are here:


08/16/14 11:30 AM #11    

Kenneth Snow

I think every male classmate had a secret crush with Julie...whether it be from close or afar as it was with me.  Our classmate, Dennis Thompson, was no different.  One summer a few years after graduation Dennis decided to tour the country on his Honda/Suzuki (pick one) 250 and make a swing into NYC to see Julie.  He wrote a letter to me (which I still have) of that time with her.  He told me that she had become part of the Andy Warhol scene and that his infatuation with her was over.  I've always wondered about that noting some of the later pics make her look thin and gaunt.  With her tragic loss in Eugene, I keep thinking that she had returned home for a fresh start.  I have no doubt she would have succeeded.  As for her passing, I found an item that suggests that the fire was determined to be the result of a faulty thermostat and that the builder of the apartment complex was subsequently replaced.  Unfortuately, either fault (this or the cigarette) doesn't change the end result.  

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